Build the Dike

  • Dike should be at least 8 feet away from building
    • For greater security create a trench under the sandbag dike at least one sandbag deep and two sandbags wide
    • Height = predicted flood water rise above ground level + two feet
      • Flood waters and sandbag weight will cause the ground to compact, allow for this with extra sandbags on top of required height
    • Width = height + 2 feet
    • The top of the dike must be at least 2 feet
    • Use a 6 mil polyethylene sheet of plastic in 3 metre wide rolls weaved between the sandbags in the dike closest to the river side.

    Laying the Sandbags

    • First layer of sandbags must be with open/tied ends facing the same way the river/water flows
    • Filled portion of the following sandbags will be placed on top of the ends of the first layer of sandbags (lapping)
    • Form rows in a brick pattern
    • Turn second layer sandbags 90 degrees, continuing this 90 degree turning pattern every layer
    • Every new layer must be pushed back ¼ of a sandbag width to create a “step-like” pattern

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