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Face the Flood Poster

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Face the Flood

In 2010 the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba created a course titled “Leadership 2010” and assigned an excellent Professor to teach a difficult course of intangible but necessary skills, traits, theory and application of leading change in our society today. We were sectioned into groups of five to six students and assigned a leadership project, one we were to create ourselves, showing some kind of leadership within the community. In discussion, we found a class project to be much more exciting and stumbled upon a way to lead and benefit our society not only in Winnipeg but Manitoba as a whole.

Face the Flood is a movement to create awareness, foster education and encourage donations and volunteer help for those in Manitoba who will suffer with rising waters and spring flooding this year, possibly amounting to similar levels as the 1997 Flood of the Century.

On January 24, 2011, the City of Winnipeg released a media bulletin outlining the flood forecast for this spring. Manitoba Water Stewardship explains that “spring flood potential is high for much of Manitoba including the Red, Souris, Pembina, Assiniboine, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Fisher rivers and the Interlake. High river flows, above-normal snow-water content in the snowpack, and an expected cooler and wetter spring have increased the probabilities of significant flooding.”

The flood may not impact the University of Manitoba, nor will it impact your downtown or suburban home, but it will affect much of Manitoba and those Manitobans need your help!

Please, stay tuned for more information on how you can help, who you can contact to volunteer and education on how to sandbag. Brochures and posters will soon be up on campus urging anyone with a spare afternoon this spring to help in any way they can.

On the right hand side of this website you will see an e-mail sign up list to be notified when this blog posts new information. Please, sign up and support those who will need you this spring.

Thank you!

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